Top 10 Deadliest Animals On Earth

Animals can become friends but there are many which are bloodthirsty. We have therefore made here a list of top ten murderous animals in the world that you must know about. Who knows this information might come handy at some time of your life.


10 – Poison Dart Frog


dart frog

Though its size is smaller yet it’s very poisonous. The toxin it produces is adequate to take life of ten humans.


9 – Cape Buffalo


deadliest animal

They remain calm unless you attack them. In Africa these animals are the most to kill people in that region than any other.


8 – Polar Bear


deadliest animal

They look cute when you are far away but once you get in front you can’t escape from their deadly attack. They are often considered as the biggest killer thriving on land.


7 – Elephant



Its weight is around sixteen tonnes. With the help of their tusks and big legs they almost kill around 500 plus people a year.


6 – Australian Saltwater Crocodile


saltwater crocodile

You can’t escape from the deadly jaws of crocodiles. They are so strong and sharp that once they catch you, they are going tear you up in pieces. So be careful from them.


5 – African Lion


deadliest animal

They are group hunters, very fast, strong and deadly. Their big claws and teeth can break you into pieces.


4 – Great White Shark


deadliest animal

Watch out from this dangerous aquatic animal as it’s going to tear you apart once caught. They are very strong and have sharp teeth enough to kill anyone. It’s estimated that over 100 people die each year of shark assault.


3 – Australian Box Jellyfish


deadliest animal

Looking at the picture one may think it as one of the beautiful underwater animal. But don’t get us wrong, it has got around sixty tentacles that release enough toxins to kill an adult.


2 – Asian Cobra


deadliest animal

They are not very toxic but release enough venom to kill people. Each year around fifty thousand people around the world die of snake bites and most of them are caused by this Asian Cobra.


1 – Mosquito


deadliest animal

They are the biggest threat to human and are considered the most bloodthirsty animal on earth. People get diseases such as malaria from mosquito bites and the result is often death if not cured from first stage.

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