Top 10 Longest Living Animals In The World

Here is a list of world’s top ten longest living animals. You would be amazed to see some of their life span.


10 – Warty Oreo

Warty Oreo

They mostly thrive in the shallow water regions and feed on other small fishes around them. Warty Oreo can live up to 140 years.


9 – Orange Roughy

Orange Roughy

They are often called slimeheads and live in deep sea. Their growth rate is slower but can live up to 149 years.


8 – Aldabra Giant Tortoise

Aldabra Giant

These animals are mostly found in the islands of Indian Ocean and can live up to 152 years long.


7 – Lake Sturgeon

lake sturgeon

Belonging to the North American freshwater region, they can stay alive till 152 years.


6 – Shortraker Rockfish

Shortraker Rockfish

They are greater than 1 meter in length and weigh around 20 kg. Found mainly in parts of Russia and California. Their life time is around 157 years.


5 – Galapagos Tortoise


They nearly weigh around 400 kgs. They are one of the longest living animals on earth with a life span of 177 years or sometimes even longer than that.


4 – Red Sea Urchin

red sea urchin

They can live up to 200 years and mainly feed on water plants. With the aid of their spine, they can protect themselves from the predators.


3 – Rougheye Rockfish


They grow nearly 32 inches longer and have pinky-orange skin color. They can live up to 205 years and are considered longest living aquatic fish.


2 – Bowhead Whale

Bowhead whale

These animals can weigh nearly one hundred tonnes and can grow up to 70 feet. They are also known as the Arctic Whale and have a life span of about 211 years


1 – Ocean Quahog

Ocean Quahog

They are the longest living animal on earth with a life span of over 400 years. They belong to the North Atlantic Ocean and are also known as Arctica islandica.

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